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This coming Sunday, I will be moving away to Shanghai for a month of advanced learning of the Chinese culture, language and business practises. After this I will be moving to Hong Kong for six months, and Australia or Miami for another six. Due to me moving away for this long, I came to the realisation that maintaining a food blog is not going to work for me anymore. 
This is mainly due to me being a perfectionist that wants to create quality content. I will not have my photography props with me to the other side of the world, and this makes producing content for my blog hard for me. Not only that, I will also be in uncertain times, not knowing what to expect, since I will have a whole lifestyle change. 

I still absolutely love blogging and I have loads of exciting times ahead that I want to share with you. I decided that from now on, Chynna's Kitchen will be more than just a recipe based blog. I want to put in some lifestyle and travel influences. I want to share stories about my year abroad, about how it is to live in a whole different country, how I experience a whole different culture. 
I want to share the best places to go in Shanghai and Hong Kong, I want to share all the best street-food with you and explore the cities and tell you about my new home. 
I want to share more personal posts, like how I cleared my acne and hyperpigmentation on my skin, and I don't want to be restricted to one subject (recipes), since this is no longer maintainable. 

Whenever I can, I will still try to upload recipes, because I still love cooking and experimenting. The list of recipes that I want to share with you is enormous, I don't even think I can make all of it in one year (especially since I will be eating loads of Dim Sum). But, the way I will share this recipes won't be the same as I share them now (nicely styled, professional props etc), but a little bit more casual and homely feeling. Plus, they won't be as often as I did now.

I have been wanting to share more lifestyle related content on my blog, however, something in me stopped me since I thought that that would not belong on a food blog. However, this is my little space on the internet and I hope you still will follow me around in this experience, and who knows, maybe when I am back in England I will go back to just recipe sharing. But for now, I want to document my whole life. 

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