Second year recap

I am so, so nervous, but also very excited. This coming Sunday, my placement year will be starting. I have been looking forward to this moment ever since I started university and I feel like someone needs to pinch me, because I still cannot realise that I am finally going away.

This Sunday, I will be moving to the other side of the world, Shanghai, where I will be following a Chinese summer school course for one month. In Shanghai, I will be intensively studying the Chinese language, plus a lot of Chinese culture, with things like calligraphy, Kung Fu, Chinese literature and a lot about economics and maritime business. At the end of this course, we will be having an official graduation ceremony at the university. 
Most weekends, we will have time off. Some friends and I have plans to visit Beijing, where we want to explore the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Of course, we will also be visiting Shanghai City and its temples. Maybe even the Yellow Mountains.

I am specifically excited about all the street food and the food that we will be getting at the university. We will be eating in the university’s canteen 3 times a day and no one speaks English, and there are no English signs!  Whenever we want food, we have to walk up to one of the windows and point at what we want, hoping it’s something that we like. It could be anything, sweet, spicy, sour? This is going to be one big experience for sure! I am planning on taking loads of photos and blogging about this experience, so keep your eyes open for a new blogpost.

Graduation of my friend Kayleen - Group photo of everyone who went to the South-West Business competition
A team photo of my horse riding team
The month May has been very intense, with a deadline every week and exams at the end of this month. I was also in the process of moving out and finalising bits for my placement. I had to get an apartment in Hong Kong (where I will be working from July onwards), go to London to get a visa for Shanghai, pack and move out of my current apartment, AND I also had to study besides that. 

Luckily, I can now happily say that I have finished my second year of university. I honesty could not be happier with how the year went. Being a president of the International Business society was an absolute honour with loads of learning points for me, and so was being the treasurer and BUCS captain of the horse-riding club. 
December was a very busy (but exciting) month for me, where I had loads of events to organise. For the International business society, I organised a dinner and a south-west business competition. In the same month I got accepted into the Shanghai Summer School. Two months later, in February, I got an offer for a six-month work placement in Hong Kong, starting this July. 
In March, the student recruitment team contacted me and asked me if I would like to take over the university Instagram with a day in the life and a Q&A. Everyone loved this take over, and they asked me to do another one this week again. They also asked me to be the face of the clearings campaign, I cannot share the photos just yet, but when the campaign launches, I will let you know. 

My old flatmates from my first year - Alfred the seagull, has been visiting me every single day since January 14th
Moana - Aya - Emma - Jacob - Chloe
The main reason why this school year was so amazing, is because I met the most amazing friends. During the summer, I have been dreaming of getting new friends in Plymouth. I have had friends, but I still felt really lonely. In December, Moana reached out to me over Instagram. She told me that she would study at my university for a few months. We decided to meet up and ever since, she has been one of my better friends. We went to Bristol together to explore, went on loads of lunch dates and took a lot of photos together. Honestly so happy that I have met her.
I also made loads of other friends, or got closer to older friends. My social life was peaking this year and I am forever grateful. 

So far, university has been a really good experience for me. I am curious of what the the future will be holding, where I will be in a years time, or maybe even in a month. I will definitely keep you updated. Only 3 more days until Shanghai. 

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