Choi Hung (Rainbow) Estate Hong Kong

Choi Hung Estate is a residential building complex that has become very popular due the colourful and bright rainbow buildings, which make for a very instagrammable backdrop. The best view of Choi Hung Estate is from the basketball court that was on top of the 3 storage parking garage.


Choi Hung Estate was built in 1964 and is an old public housing estate in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government provides these types of subsidised public housing so that low income residents can afford somewhere to live. According to the Economist, Hong Kong is the second most expensive city in the world.
Choi Hung means "rainbow" in Cantonese. There are stories going around that these homes were painted like a rainbow to uplift the resident spirits. There are seven buildings in total and every building starts with a different colour of the rainbow.


Unless you go to the estate early in the morning, you will probably be greeted by quite a few other tourists wanting to get the iconic pastel picture. I was advised to go around 2 in the afternoon as the light on the building would be optimal at that time. However, if you come around 9 o'clock in the morning, the sun will start peeking through the buildings which can give you a cool shot too.
I ended up going around 12, which was a good time since there were not that many people around. When the sun did come through at 2 it was insanely hot and I was sweating buckets to say the least. plus the basketball court was full with tourists around this time.

I am not a big fan of having other people in my photo's, especially if everyone is posing and having their camera's out (like I did). Usually this means a lot of waiting or getting creative with the different angles. Some of my top tips on getting the shot:
  1. Pick a spot and wait it out. Eventually people will move and then take the gap to get that photo. Be ready to pose so you don't get taken over by other people.
  2. I got some great pictures at the benches and by sitting on the wall, the closer to the building the less people.
  3. If you want to take photos at the basketball court, I would recommend to go for a blurry shot with a DSLR or portrait mode on your phone, so you still get all the colours but you blur the people out.


The best way to get to Choi Hung Estate is to catch the MTR (underground). Make your way to Choi Hung Station on the Kwun Tong Line (green line). Once you're at the station, be sure to exit from the C3 or C4 exit. There are plenty of signs around the station to help you get to the estate. 

You will find the Choi Hung Estate directly in front of you once you exit the station. Walk around the complex and you will see a multi leveled car park. The basketball court is located on top of the car park. Walk up a few flights of stairs and that's where you will find the basketball courts. From the ground level, the basketball court is easy to miss so be sure to keep an eye out for the car park stairs.

Fun fact: We stole this basketball from a 10 year old kid that was playing basketball on its own. Wouldn't recommend it, but it got me a great photo.

Photo's of me taken by Quentin / No Sugar, No Milk

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