Hi! I am Chynna! In 2017, I moved away from my beloved hometown Rotterdam (the Netherlands), to a pocket-size studio apartment in the south of England, to pursue a bachelor degree in International Business. I have now finished my second year, this means that I will now be going on a placement year, starting in Shanghai this June 2019. Shanghai will be filled with learning about the Chinese culture and language, and will be followed by a six month work placement in Hong Kong, ending in January 2020. After this work placement, I will either study a minor in Miami or Australia. Via this blog I would love to keep you updated and share my experiences.

I enjoy layered cakes, reading novels and oversized jumpers. I'm an outgoing introvert, a hopeless perfectionist, an over thinker, a dreamer, and I tend to take on too much and get overwhelmed easily by my own expectations. But I am very grateful. I like going places and getting lost. I love cold, snappy weather, but I enjoy the summer even more. I am a tea person and a dog lover. I love creating things and drawing  portraits.

I love what I get to eat and want to show how abundant and delicious different kinds of food can be, this is part of the reason why I started my blog in the first place. Chynna's Kitchen started out as a recipe sharing blog, but due me travelling around the world, sharing recipes weekly wasn't maintainable anymore. I decided to bring more of lifestyle and travel influences to this blog. Still sharing bits and bops about food, but not always in a recipe sharing way.

I hope the recipes on this blog will inspire you - shoot me an email if you have any thought or questions!


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